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Rain.GG | Open CS2 Cases, CSGO Cases, Win Skins, Unlock Rewards & More:

Rain.GG is the fastest growing CS2 (CS:GO) unboxing site, where users can win the latest CSGO Skin & CS2 Skins.

Open CS2 (CS:GO) Cases:

Choose from over 100+ uniquely curated cases, experience the best CS2 case opening site on the market, and open up to 4 cases simultaneously to win the most popular CS2 Skins and CSGO skins.

CS2 (CS:GO) Case Battles:

Case Battles is a popular and exhilarating game mode, where players can engage in battles with cases in a winner-takes-all mode, with configurations including 1v1, 3-way, 4-way, 2v2, or 3v3.

Upgrade CS2 & CSGO Skins:

Skin Upgrader game mode allows users to upgrade their CS2 & CS:GO skins by selecting skins or coins from their inventory and choosing multipliers between 1.5x to 20x the value to upgrade their items.

Unlock Rewards

Rain.GG offers a competitive Rewards Program, providing benefits such as instant rakeback, weekly bonuses, level-up bonuses, monthly bonuses, and the option to redeem prizes.