Enjoy premier rewards at Rain

Tailored to suit players of all types, our program allows you to progress through levels and unlock daily, weekly, and monthly chests, while earning gems to access exclusive rewards.

Getting Started

Step 1

Sign up

Register at Rain.gg to access a diverse selection of games. Enter code RAIN during registration to receive 3 Free Cases & +5% bonus on your first deposit.
Step 2

Earn points

Play to level up and upgrade your reward chests. Collect gems via participating in our games, or free to play features such as Rain within our chat.
Step 3

Redeem prizes

Claim your daily, weekly, and monthly reward chests, which improve as you ascend through the tiers, and redeem exclusive rewards in our Gem Shop.

The Advantages

24/7 support

24/7 support

We take pride in our customer service team. Access round-the-clock live support to address any questions promptly, ensuring your needs are always met.

Dedicated VIP host

Dedicated VIP host

Receive an unmatched experience with a dedicated VIP host, who will support and tailor benefits such as events and promotions to your needs.

Simplified rewards

Simplified rewards

Effortlessly access and claim your rewards through our simple and intuitive interface, setting a new industry standard with a best-in-class rewards experience.

Ranking System

Rewards Rank
B. DiamondB. Diamond
Gem Bank
Daily Bonus Chest
Weekly Bonus Chest
Monthly Bonus Chest
Dedicated VIP Host
Invitation to Rain Events

Frequently Asked Questions

How do daily, weekly and monthly rewards work?
Rain's Reward System is designed to engage and reward our dedicated players by providing progressive reward chests. As players advance through levels on our platform, they gain access to free Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reward Chests.
Daily ChestAvailable for claim every 24 hours following the initial claim.
Weekly ChestUnlocks globally at the end of each week for all users.
Monthly ChestScheduled to unlock globally at the end of each month.
Our system aims to deliver a flexible experience filled with continuous opportunities for players to unlock exciting prizes.
What are the level requirements?
Players can access their first Daily Reward Chest upon linking their Discord account and reaching at least the Bronze V level, or upon completing the Free To Play account activation procedures.
How do I upgrade my chests?
Reward chests are upgraded by advancing to higher tiers: Silver I, Gold I, Platinum I, Sapphire I, Ruby I, Diamond I, Black Diamond I, Onyx I, and Opal I.
What are Gems?
Rain Gems are a special currency exclusive to Rain.gg, earned through various activities such as wagering or participating in promotions, rains, and giveaways. The probability of earning Gems increases with the amount wagered, as follows:
  1. 1% chance of earning 1 Gem when wagering 0.20 Coins
  2. 5% chance of earning 1 Gem when wagering 1.00 Coins
  3. 25% chance of earning 1 Gem when wagering 5.00 Coins
  4. 50% chance of earning 1 Gem when wagering 10.00 Coins
Players can use their accumulated Rain Gems in the Gem Shop to purchase exclusive gem cases that contain sought-after skins. These skins can be exchanged for coins for withdrawal or can be upgraded further.
How does the leveling system work?
Understanding the Level SystemOur platform features a dynamic Level System that rewards players for engaging in various game modes by wagering coins. As players accumulate XP, their levels increase, unlocking various rewards along the way.
Progression RequirementsTo achieve Level Silver I, players must wager a total of 1,000 coins. Each coin wagered grants 500 XP. The overview tab located in your reward dashboard displays the total XP needed to advance to the next 3 levels, helping you track your progress.
Benefits of Leveling UpLeveling up enhances your gaming experience by upgrading your daily, weekly and monthly chests. For instance, reaching Gold I will now mean that your Silver daily, weekly and monthly rewards moving forward are upgraded to new and improved chests, unlocking access to more valuable prizes.
Is leveling up an investment?
Please note that leveling up in our system is an evolving feature and not a fixed investment. The conditions and availability of our free rewards can change at any time. Therefore, it is essential to stay informed about updates and adapt accordingly. Daily Rewards provide an excellent opportunity to earn free coins regularly, but remember that the system's parameters may shift, and these opportunities can vary.