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Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy


At Rain.gg, managed by Make It Entertainment Limited (Registration No. 758444, headquartered at 6 Fern Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin, D18 FP98, Ireland), we are dedicated to upholding a secure, compliant, and transparent environment. This commitment is supported by our robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy, designed to prevent the misuse of our platform for money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Our online presence at https://rain.gg serves as the main conduit for our gaming and entertainment services.

KYC procedures

Rain.gg has instituted Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in collaboration with Sumsub, a leading provider of KYC and AML services. Our partnership ensures rigorous identity verification processes that are crucial for preventing financial crimes on our platform. Key components of our KYC include:

  1. Verification of user identity for all FIAT to cryptocurrency transactions and vice versa.
  2. Collection of essential information such as full legal name, date of birth, residential address, government-issued ID, and proof of address.
  3. Advanced validation techniques, including facial recognition and biometric data analysis, to ensure the integrity and authenticity of user data.
  4. AML Control Measures

Transaction monitoring

We deploy advanced transaction monitoring systems that scrutinize all user activities for signs of suspicious behavior. Our technology utilizes both machine learning and rule-based algorithms to detect irregular patterns that may indicate money laundering or terrorist financing.

Risk management

Ongoing risk assessments are crucial to our AML strategy. We classify users based on their risk exposure, applying tailored measures to mitigate potential threats. This classification considers factors like geographical location, transaction history, and the nature of engagement on the platform.

Employee AML training

Our employees receive rigorous training focused on AML compliance, risk recognition, and the procedures for managing and reporting suspected money laundering activities. This training is integral to fostering an AML-aware culture within our organization.

Enhanced due diligence

For high-risk categories, including politically exposed persons (PEPs) and individuals from high-risk jurisdictions, we conduct enhanced due diligence. This rigorous process is vital for a deeper understanding of the risk associated with these users.

Record retention

We maintain meticulous records of all transactions, user verifications, and risk assessments for a minimum of five years, as mandated by regulatory authorities. These records are crucial for any potential audits or investigations.

Proactive collaboration with external entities

To strengthen our AML framework, Rain.gg engages with various external entities:

  1. Sumsub: Our primary partner for conducting thorough KYC verifications.
  2. Regulatory and Law Enforcement: We maintain a proactive relationship with these bodies to aid in the swift investigation and resolution of any suspected illicit activities.
  3. External AML Consultants: Regular consultations with AML experts help us review and enhance our AML strategies, ensuring alignment with global best practices and compliance with evolving regulations.


Rain.gg, through Make It Entertainment Limited, is firmly committed to a policy of preventing the use of our gaming and entertainment platform for money laundering and terrorist financing. Our AML policy is designed to meet the highest standards of regulatory compliance and to protect the integrity of our operations and our customers' security. For further information or to address any concerns, please contact us at [email protected].