Earn up to 10% on Friend Referrals!

Refer & Earn with Rain's Affiliate Program! Gift your friends 3 free cases and a 5% bonus on all their cash deposits.

Getting Started

Step 1

Create an account

Join the Rain community by signing up at Rain.gg. Access the Rain Affiliate Dashboard and create your unique referral code to start your journey.
Step 2

Share your code

Encourage your friends to use your unique code, unlocking special bonuses for them and tracking options for you across different campaigns.
Step 3

Earn & cash out

Profit from each friend's deposit using your code. Earn up to 10% of cash deposits made through your referrals and withdraw at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rain Affiliate Program?
The Rain Affiliate Program offers partners a way to earn by promoting Rain's gaming platform. Affiliates receive commissions for each referred player who makes a qualifying cash deposit using their unique referral code.
How do I join the Rain Affiliate Program?
Get started by registering at Rain.gg. After signing up, directly access the Rain Affiliate Dashboard to generate your personal referral code. You can begin your promotional activities immediately without the need for an application review.
How do I promote Rain's services as an affiliate?
Promote Rain's services through various channels, such as your website, social media accounts, or running ads. Use your unique referral code to unlock special bonuses for new players, and track their activities across different campaigns. Rain provides marketing materials, such as banners and promotional links, to support your efforts.
How do I earn commissions through the Rain Affiliate Program?
Earn commissions by referring players who make cash deposits using your referral code. As you progress through our tier system, you can increase your earnings. Starting from lower tiers, you have the opportunity to earn a growing percentage of the cash deposits made by your referrals, up to 10% as you reach the higher tiers. Each tier upgrade enhances your potential commission, rewarding you for increasing the number of active users and total referrals you manage.
How do I get paid as a Rain affiliate?
As a Rain affiliate, your earnings will be added to your affiliate dashboard for you to claim, subject to meeting the referral and active referral requirements. Once you meet these thresholds and claim your funds, they will be transferred to your Rain account balance. From there, you can withdraw your earnings using your preferred method, such as skins or cryptocurrency, directly at the cashier.
Is there any support available for affiliates in the Rain Affiliate Program?
Yes, Rain provides dedicated support to its affiliates through an affiliate management team. For any queries or assistance, please contact the team at [email protected].
What do the different user statuses in the Rain Affiliate Program mean?
Here's a breakdown of each status to help you understand the activity and engagement levels of users associated with your affiliate code:
  1. Unconverted: Users who have redeemed your affiliate code but have not yet made a deposit.
  2. Active: Users who have redeemed your code and deposited over $1 in the last 21 days.
  3. Inactive: Users who have redeemed your code in the past, but have not deposited over $1 for over 21 days.
  4. At risk: Users who have not changed the code nor initiated new deposits. This status requires you to actively promote your code to convert them.
  5. Stolen: Users who have moved from your code to another, no longer generating commissions or qualifying as valid referrals.
What are the commission requirements for different tier levels?
Here's a breakdown to help you understand how your earnings and tier progression are determined:
  1. Tier advancement
Your advancement through different tier levels is based on the total amount of deposits made by your referrals. More deposits help you progress to higher tiers.
  1. Tier qualifications
  1. Active users: For a user to contribute to your tier advancement, they must be classified as 'active'. An 'active' user is someone who has topped up their account with at least $1 (in fiat, cryptocurrency, or gift cards) and has not changed their referral code in the last 21 days.
  2. Excluded users: FUsers labeled as 'stolen' (those who have switched to another referral code) or 'unconverted' (those who have not made a deposit after redeeming your code) do not count towards your tier qualifications.
  1. Earning eligibility
To be eligible to claim earnings, you need to maintain a certain number of total referrals and active referrals. This ensures that both the volume and engagement levels of your referred users are factored into your rewards. To learn more about the specific requirements for your tier, you can visit your affiliate dashboard and navigate to the "Tiers" tab. This section will provide detailed information on the requirements you need to meet for your current tier, helping you track your progress and understand how to advance to higher levels.
Example: if you are in tier 8, to claim your commission you will need a minimum of 10 referrals (users who have used your code) and 10 active referrals, (users who have topped up their account with at least $1 in fiat, cryptocurrency, or gift cards and has not changed their referral code in the last 21 days).